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Here are some alternative travel destinations if you are looking for somewhere new.



While Amsterdam is still the number one choice for individuals visiting the Netherlands, visitors to the country may want to consider Utrecht City instead. Built along a canal, Utrecht has  great historical character, a shopping centre, museums, and cobbled streets that make it great for any age group.


Most tourists to Italy will head straight to the capital city, Rome. However for those looking for something new and refreshing, why not try Siena located in the Tuscan region of Italy. The city centre is the main aspect of the city and the most beautiful with the red stone roofs. 


Marseille is the second largest city in France and as a port city it offers visitors a nice selection of seafood, unique shops, and museums. Voted Europe’s Capital of Culture for 2013, Marseille’s French identity and Greek influence brought by the city’s pioneers make it truly one-of-a-kind.


Ljubljana may be Slovenia’s most popular destination, but the city of Maribor should also be a city on your list if you are visiting the Country. The district of Lent specifically is the centre of attention for Maribor, including stunning architecture, the world’s largest grape vine, and a myriad of ways to relax with many spas scattered around the city.


The city’s plan is beautifully designed to form the shape of a hexagon which is formed to lead to the city square that features the city’s famous cathedral known as the Duomo Digale. Palmanova has been a fortified city since the early 1590s and has a historic medieval charm .


If you are looking for a well preserved destination in Spain’s southern region, Ronda could be the place for you. The gorge is the main attraction of the town in terms of sightseeing but you will find many restaurants nearby and events are held regularly. Ronda is a good tourist destination but it still has a rustic feel.


Being the capital of Estonia, the city was designated a UNESCO World Heritage site in 1997. The city has not only been beautifully preserved, but has improved greatly over the past eighteen years. You’ll have your fill of restaurants in the Old City, with many specialising in traditional Estonian cuisine.


For being one of Poland’s largest cities, Lodz has been overshadowed by the capital Warsaw in some respects. Regardless of this being true, Lodz is filled with a history that is most notably including World War II and the Jewish ghettos built around the city. If you are looking to visit a city that doubles as a thriving metropolis and look at the past, Lodz is the Polish destination for you.


Formentera may not be the top European spot for those living abroad, however for Europeans this is the hot spot for those looking to soak up some rays. Off the coast of Spain, on the Balearic Islands, Formentera is known for being a beach city with a low pace lifestyle, and even some sunbathing with your top off at one of the many nude beaches in the city.


Located northeast over the Pomeranian region right up the Baltic sea coast, the city of Gdansk is an ideal place to visit for a short weekend break. The old town is surrounded by canals and beautiful colourful buildings. A couple of hours away from the city centre you can find one of the first concentration camps established outside of Germany in World War II. 

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