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Temple in the clouds and emerald waters – Krabi, Thailand

Updated: Jan 6, 2019

Temple in the Clouds

Thailand is a beautiful country with its picturesque countryside and one of the highlights of my trip there was to Krabi, a province on southern Thailand’s west coast.

If you go to Krabi, one of the first places I recommend to visit is the Tiger Cave Temple (Wat Tham Suea) which is a Buddhist temple just north of Krabi Town, known for its huge golden Buddha statue and spectacular views. But before you get to see this amazing statue you will have to climb the 1,237 steps leading to it. I say climb as some steps are very tall and the path is steep, but it is totally worth it! Those who make it to the top are rewarded with stunning 360 degree views from around 900 feet up. At the top of the mountain you can see much of Krabi town and the surrounding area.

As the taxi driver was dropping us off at the foot of the mountain my friend said he’d bet us he could jog to the top, which we obviously laughed off, and was all the funnier when he ran out of steam and quickly fell behind us on the way up panting like a thirsty dog (sorry Davey). The naming of the temple comes from the discovery of tiger paw prints on the cave walls just below where the statue sits. At the bottom of the stairs and temple grounds there are quite a few monkeys running around providing great photo opportunities but do be careful as these are wild animals and locals told us of people occasionally being bitten.

Emerald Waters

Krabi is also home to many mangrove forests and islands, Phi Phi Islands being among the most famous due to its immortalisation in the film The Beach. However, be warned, you may be frustrated if you are hoping to enjoy some peaceful sunbathing or get that perfect instagram photo as most days the island has an incredible number of visitors.

One highlight while on the island was hiring a boat and going snorkelling in the emerald green water which was one of the clearest I have seen. For wildlife fans, there was a wide array of amazingly coloured and differently shaped fish. Our trip back to shore got even more exciting when the propeller of our small wooden boat got caught up in some old fishing nets and we (yes us not the owner) had to dive in and cut it loose.

Some of the most popular beach destinations in Krabi include Railay Beach, Phra Nang Beach and Ao Nang Beach, all of which are certainly worth a visit. If you have an adventurous nature you can also go white water rafting, kayaking and rock climbing. Island boat tours to places like Koh Lanta and Koh Klang Klong are also worthy mentions if you like the quiet life which let’s face it even the most ardent traveller still needs from time to time.

While in Krabi we also had a great day out to Thung Teao Forest Natural Park, an area of outstanding natural beauty. Here you can see the emerald pool (Sra Morakot), which gets its colour from the type of algae in it. Whilst the algae give the pool its awesome colour it does also mean that you are not allowed to swim in it. On the plus slide if you stand next to the pool and clap the sound vibrations disturb the algae which send bubbles of air up to the surface which is quite a weird sight.

Close by in the same park, there is Thom Hot Springs another natural phenomenon worth experiencing as this time you are allowed into the water (yay!). It was so relaxing especially with the forest surrounding you and something I would highly recommend.

So if you are going to Thailand and have time to visit Krabi, please do, as I am 100% sure you will agree it is worth it and have an experience never to forget.

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